Ramit Kreitner

Teaching Yoga in this community and beyond has been the privilege of my lifetime.

Because Yoga has so transformed my own life and perception I find no greater joy than in sharing my direct experience of movement, breath, body, health, healing and beyond with the Jaya Community.

Each person that walks in the door at Jaya I consider an angel who is providing me with a further opportunity to develop my own teaching and sharing of these practices.

My deep love of music and dance and song and meditation, philosophy and poetry and thai massage all find expression in each class I teach.

I welcome one and all to directly experience the joys of a devoted practice which in my life has provided a great refuge. For Yoga is Shadanam Mama, Yoga IS the great refuge.

I bow at the lotus feet of all the Yogis who have paved a path for me, and specifically for my 2 main teachers Dana Flynn, Director of Laughing Lotus, who has taught me courage and kindness, perseverance and creativity, and my Dear Mother in whose presence the initimations of my soul are most profoundly awakened.