The fundamentals of yoga postures (asanas) are introduced and explored in our Basic classes, with an emphasis on correct alignment, breathing practices (pranayama) and strength building for a solid foundation. If you are new to yoga, please check out the Beginners page for more information about getting started and our Workshops page for our Beginners Series.


This is a more advanced Basic level class, not meant for absolute beginners. Any basic level student with a regular practice who feels ready for a new challenge is welcome.


This class is designed as a bridge between the Basic and Open levels. More challenging postures are introduced and explored, including arm balances and inversions. Detailed instruction is provided to further your practice.


Energizing more advanced and rigorous postures are combined with coordinated breath and movement (vinyasa) designed to take you deeper into your practice. Students with at least 9 months of a steady yoga practice, who regularly attend Intermediate level classes, are encouraged to attend.

All Levels

Modifications are available for every level from newer students to more advanced practitioners. All will find a mindful and invigorating challenge.

Flow and Restore

Move through a sequence of warming postures designed to engage the body before easing into a series of restorative poses using props to support your total release.


Reclined and supinated postures with props. A time to cultivate deep rest and healing. All levels welcome.

Express Class

This is a streamlined hour-long version of our standard classes. Condensed to contain the elements of our longer classes: vinyasa, standing poses, seated poses, backbends, and inversions—this class is to accommodate students’ busy lives, so you can still get your yoga in!

Gentle Yoga

For those of you who need to take it easy for any number of reasons, this is the class for you. Physical limitations come in a variety of forms: anything from recovering from injury or illness to chronic issues like arthritis. With a little more time and a lot of physical modifications given by our skilled teacher, you can still practice yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation. This class can also be a gentle introduction to yoga for new students who are unsure if yoga is for them.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow flow longevity practice. Poses are held for 3-7 minutes, creating an environment for Qi and blood flow to be guided through the joints, tissues and meridians using breath and body awareness practices. The Yin method is calming, cooling and rejuvenating for the body and mind. All levels welcome.


Sit with us. If you are new to meditation just let the time keeper know and she/he will give you some gentle guidance. FREE!


Our prenatal yoga class will be back in Fall 2019. In the meantie, we suggest attending our restorative yoga classes and/or gentle yoga classes, in addition to any class taught by Shamina Rao and Sarah Selig. Our prental classes are for anyone in their first few weeks of pregnancy or further along, this class will be wonderfully informative and restorative.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are tailored to meet your specific needs and interests and are held at the studio. Want to learn more or schedule a session?



Jaya workshops are specialty classes that focus on a specific aspect of yoga. Visit our Events page to see our current offerings.