Shamina Rao

Shamina’s passion for yoga spans over 20 years. Born in India, her childhood was steeped in the cultures of the East. Growing up she travelled throughout India, the Far East and parts of Africa, all the while soaking in the teachings of these different cultures. She brings what she absorbed over the years to her classes believing in the benefits of yoga for all people.

As a mother, Shamina has paid special attention to yoga for teens and teaches workshops that encompass asana, pranayama, mindfulness & meditation to build self-confidence, self-awareness and mostly, self-love at an early age. She also teaches the foundations of Hatha yoga at Pratt University. 

Off the mat, her yoga practice grounds her work as a birth doula as she encourages women to connect to their bodies through mindfulness, movement and breath as they bring their babies into this world and transition into motherhood. She is a Certified birth doula, Lactation Counselor and Pre & Post Natal yoga instructor. 

Shamina’s classes incorporate meditation, pranayama and thoughtful sequencing in a breath-centered vinyasa flow (awesome playlists included!). Shamina is grateful for the inspiring people she continues to meet  along the way and is reminded each class of how much yoga brings people together, no matter what our backgrounds are.