Shamina Rao

Shamina’s passion for yoga spans over 20 years… Born in India, her childhood was steeped in the cultures of the East. As a young girl she sat by her grandfather’s side as he sang bhajans and while playing the harmonium. Growing up she travelled throughout India, the Far East and parts of Africa, all the while soaking in the teachings of these different cultures. She brings what she has absorbed over the years to her classes believing in the benefits of yoga for all people. Her desire to deepen and embrace all aspects of this wonderful, life-changing practice of yoga into her own life, led her to teach and share it with others.

As a mother of two, and a school teacher, Shamina has paid special attention to yoga for teens and teaches workshops that encompass asana, pranayama and meditation to build self-confidence, self-awareness and mostly, self-love at an early age. She recently became a birth doula and weaves in the teachings of yoga as she supports and empowers women during childbirth.

Her teaching is grounded in the hatha tradition and her classes incorporate musical vinyasa sequencing with pranayama, meditation and a focus in finding balance within oneself. Shamina completed her teacher training at Jaya Yoga and is grateful to give back to this wonderful community!