Laura Kauffmann

Laura Kauffmann is a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Nutrition consultant and a 200-hour trained Registered Yoga Teacher. She has been fortunate to have practiced and studied with skilled teachers in the U.S., China and Thailand, weaving her first love of nutrition into her Chinese Medicine practice and recently enhancing that with a whole body experience using Yoga and Qi gong. Laura brings a little bit of everything into her teaching and is particularly grateful to CarlaRamit and all the amazing teachers at Jaya who have helped her to see the beauty and vision that comes from blending what one is passionate about into a unique experience for all to enjoy.

Ever growing and ever changing, Laura’s skills as an alternative medicine healer are rooted in her Life Balance philosophy. Her teaching style blends asana with meridian stretching, pranayama with Qi gong, helping students to find their center and ultimately balance themselves from the inside out.